Sunday, June 29, 2008

Are you ready?

Have you ever wondered what is inside one of those Meals-Ready-to-Eat? Well, now is your chance to find out! I picked the Chicken Tetrazzini because it sounded the least appetizing, and I figured our experiment should probably turn out as gross as possible for maximum effect. In the end we found that it had the texture of spaghetti-o's and canned tuna, the instructions were a little confusing when you have been drinking all night, and the heating element can get really really hot.

Don't worry, we have 11 more flavors of MRE left. Dinner party at our house during the apocalypse! Full experiment documentation here.


jlowe said...

I had weird dreams last night. I blame the choc mint choc chip cookie and grape jelly combination.

St. Murse said...

I ate those when I was hiking through Philmont, a huge Boy Scout camp in New Mexico. As I recall, enchiladas was great (though it was all mush, not individual enchiladas). We used to trade to get the good meals with the newbies from other treks who didn't know better.