Monday, October 13, 2008

Stop Looking at Me!

Ah, Flickr, I never know what weird connections you will bring about. I already know that if I tag one of my photos with "boob" or "feet" or "pee" it will suddenly become very popular. I had no idea that there is a whole group out there who are totally turned on by women wearing bandanas. That last link isn't really safe for work, although it isn't particularly graphic or anything. If you don't mind people seeing you look at a mixture of pornish-looking pictures of women tied up with bandanas together with obviously personal shots of people just wearing bandanas, then go for it. I've got no problem with someone like Flickr user sexybutt99 (if that is his real name) liking to look at some bondage photos, but seriously dude, me wearing a bandana while I am out hiking is not an invitation for you to favorite my picture and try to add it to your group pool. Ew.



jlowe said...

I guess that explains the unexpected popularity of the photos of my waders.

St. Murse said...

I'm sure you recall our conversation about the various predilections illustrated by the sporting of hankys. Just be thankful that color-coding doesn't play a part in sexybutt99's games.

jennifer said...

this is the weirdest fetish i have ever heard of.