Saturday, November 22, 2008


I might have the best mail carrier in the world. Her name is Peggy. Yesterday Dr. M drove away just as she was getting to our apartment (to come pick me up from work -- thanks Dr. M!), but we had a bunch of little packages and she doesn't like to leave them by our door. To save us a trip to the post office, Peggy made a special trip by our apartment this morning to drop off our packages. She wasn't even delivering the rest of the mail for the apartment building -- she just stopped by here for us. Thanks Peggy!

Most of the packages were presents I'm trying to be smart about ordering early (I am actually almost done with my xmas shopping and I'm pretty proud of that). And in one of the packages were these awesome vintage watch movement hair pins that I bought as a birthday present for myself (a week early, but I don't mind the promptness). They look even cooler in person. Thanks me!


Lei-Leen said...

they are really nice. i can overlook the steampunkiness in this case.

jlowe said...

Those are super awesome!