Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost home

We would actually be on the road home right now had we not had a totally shitty tire blowout on the Kansas Turnpike last night. Here are some lessons learned:

1. Dr. M is a good guy to have in the driver's seat if your tire blows out when you are driving 75 on a busy interstate.

2. Kansas state troopers are nice guys and they will help you change your tire.

3. Always, always, always check the air pressure in your spare before a long trip (mine was at zero. Whoops).

4. Triple A is a good investment when you find yourself on the side of the interstate with no air in your spare.

5. Driving for fifty miles on your tiny spare is freaky when you can't go over 50 and everyone else is going 80.

My current hope is that Rick, who the ladies at the front desk of our hotel recommended, has our tire size in stock and is a fast worker. I'm ready to be home right now...

1 comment:

Joolie said...

That happened to us once when Eric was driving his uncle's van. It's scary. Now get home safe so you can drink some of this cold beer that is clogging up our refrigerator!