Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Miss Elizabeth's pants

You may think the best part of Wrestlemania VII was the gulf war era patriotic decorations; the Undertaker's first fight at a Wrestlemania; the union of Marla Maples, Alex Trebek, and Regis Philbin as celebrity guest hosts; or the career-ending match between the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. All of these things were, of course, really great, but the very best part of all (and possibly the best moment of any Wrestlemania ever) was the reunion of Randy Savage and the lovely Miss Elizabeth, featuring Miss Elizabeth's shiny pants.

They don't show up all that well in the picture above, but take a minute to watch some of this video and bask in their shiny-ness. I would never wear shiny pants, but I think Miss Elizabeth wears them well. And as a bonus, you can delve into the conflicted mind of the Macho King who has just ended his career but won back the woman he loves.

The actual reunion (along with the end of the match) featured here for context -- shiny pants excitement starts at about 3:33, but watch at least until 6:17 to see the most awesome tears ever captured on video]. I got a little teary, myself...

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Corie said...

I think I get almost as much joy out of your and Josh's love for wrestling as you do. I learn so much!