Sunday, May 31, 2009

Space, Time & Crime (1964)

Just take a little look at this cover. Is there any way in the universe that I could possibly resist this book? It also was only fifty cents, so there was really no way I could lose.

In this anthology, Miriam Allen deFord (who led a pretty interesting life beyond the editing of this book) brings together a group of science fiction stories, including one of her own, that combine the science fiction genre with its brother on the pulp racks, the crime/detective story. As she states in her introduction: "The interest in the unknown, but knowable, which moves the mystery story writer moves the science fiction writer as well. In consequence, both writers often turn out to be the same person." With contributions from Isaac Asimov, Poul and Karen Anderson, Fritz Leiber, and many others, this is no throw-away anthology. The stories are carefully selected, expertly written, and really do a nice job of combining the two genres. Super excellent.

[The far out back cover, including a list of all the authors and stories in the book, is available here.]

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St. Murse said...

I've got to borrow this. A collection of Asimov's SF mysteries delighted me as a youngster.