Friday, April 09, 2010

The Stuff that Dreams are Made of

Don't freak out. This post is not about a book!

When I was growing up, there was a department store in Lincoln named Richman Gordman. In the center of this department store was an animal-themed indoor playground that parents could use to entertain their children while they got some shopping done. In the center of that playground was this amazing (and, in retrospect, extremely disturbing) elephant slide. And now, thanks to the power of Ebay, you can purchase that slide for a minimum bid of $521.00 as of this posting! Well not the exact same one, since the one that is for sale is apparently from Omaha, but you get the idea.

I still sometimes have weird dreams about this bizarre indoor playground filled with giant animal equipment. I was actually pretty scared to go on the elephant slide (with its blood red nose!) for quite awhile as a young girl. Thanks to Allison for posting a link to this on Facebook!

[Also, if you aren't familiar with this awesome slide, please note that you enter the slide from underneath the trunk, between the elephant's legs, then crawl up through the inside of the elephant and slide down his weirdly opened up trunk. Scary!]


Jilly said...

There is a giant goose slide like this in Regina. You enter through the goose's behind and slide out of his beak. Its a good 20' high, and in this park surrounded by candy cane striped concrete tree structures and these weird, mushroom like table / climbing things. It is a seriously weird park.

Joolie said...

Whaa the faaaaa why you not write about book whaaaaaaaa whaaa=$%wockita whaaaa?

All right. Now that I am done freaking out, I would like to say that slide is both horrifying and adorable, which is one of my favorite combinations. I can't wait for that guy to list the camel and the hippo, but I can't imagine how they could be half as good.

Joolie said...

I guess I didn't look hard enough. I want the hippo really, really bad. Hippo!

The camel is sort of lame.

Spacebeer said...

The camel was sort of fun to climb on top of, but you are right: the hippo was way better.