Monday, August 02, 2010

Banana + Lime = Jam??

Do you like bananas? Do you like limes? Do you think you could even figure out what Banana-Lime Jam would taste like?

Lucky for you I took the plunge and made this recipe from Cooking Light (very nicely described and photographed on the Noble Pig blog). It was weird. But good! But also weird. I honestly can't describe it entirely, although it is more tart than I thought it would be, and the consistency is extremely satisfying.

To make myself seem even more awesome, I made buttermilk biscuits for the first time in my life as a vehicle for some of the jam. Both making biscuits and making jam were way easier than I thought they would be. Is there a life lesson in there somewhere?


Mary P. said...

For some reason, I was not expecting the jam to be brown/reddish I was completely expecting banana paste looking jam. Logic wasn't with me on that trip!

Nice work on your domestic adventures! Have you ever tried Jalapeno mint jam? It seems like a weird mix too!

Allison said...

I just re-read The God of Small Things, where I first heard of/tried to imagine banana jam. And then here you are making and eating it all over the place!

Experiments of the last few years have surprised me at how simple some store bought things can be to make from scratch. Salad dressing and furniture polish are two that come to my head at the moment, and they are practically the same ingredients (polish being oil, vinegar, lemon juice). I always think about that fact when I am dusting, it gives me joy.