Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Walking Dead, Volume 1: Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore (2007)

My amazing friend Dan recently lent me the first half of The Walking Dead comics series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, and I just finished The Walking Dead, Volume 1: Days Gone Bye (2007). I'm having to pace myself and not just drop everything else I'm reading to dive in to zombieland.

In this first volume (which contains issues #1-6 of the original comics), our hero, Officer Rick Grimes, is shot in the line of duty and taken to the hospital. Some time later he wakes up in his hospital bed, and there isn't anyone else there -- anyone else still alive, that is. Grimes is a survivor who quickly assesses the situation, finds a couple of other survivors, and heads for home. When he learns that his wife and son aren't at his house, he suspects the worst, but hopes that they might have gone to Atlanta where the government promised safety from the zombie epidemic. What follows is a horse-riding, zombie killing, creeptastic ride through the early part of the zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead doesn't take the easy route of gory zombie action (although there is some of that) and instead provides a meaty, character-driven plot line. People here do things for a reason, even when that reason is an unexpected one. The plot is crisp, the drawings amazing, and I'm excited to read more!

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