Monday, March 27, 2017

So long (for now) and thanks for all the fish...

It's been a good run, y'all (in fact, its been running for a little over twelve years!), but I'm going to call it quits on Spacebeer, at least for now and in this form.

If you like my book reviews, please add me over on Goodreads (my profile is set to private, but I'll accept all requesters), where I will continue to log and more briefly review all the books I've read. For those of you who are also real-life friends with me, I'll also post my Goodreads reviews to facebook.

I'll keep this blogger site up as long as blogger is a thing (because, to be honest, I sometimes scroll through my #secretboyfriend posts when I'm having a bad day). And don't worry, I have all my posts backed up locally as well -- I'm an archivist, after all!

So, cheers. And give me another spacebeer, Gleep Glop.

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