Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Craft Lessons, Now with Extra Links!

Haven't you always wanted to make a potato stamp? I know we used them back when I was in preschool, although I'm pretty sure the teachers cut out the designs for us. I could have used a teacher to help me with my design on the potato stamps we made this weekend, but I think my tiny triangle turned out okay (although not nearly as cool as Josh's gross skull stamp). It all started when my sister came up with a craft plan to create some homemade wrapping paper for a wedding gift. If anyone can convince four drunken adults to make some potato stamps, it is Jill.

Now for a tutorial!

Potato Stamps the Jill-bot way:
1. Cut the potato in half
2. Trim sides for clear stamping
3. Trace out your design with something pokey
4. Cut out that negative space
5. Put your potatoes stamp side down on a paper towel to dry out
6. Paint some concentrated watercolor on your stamp
7. Stamp it! (Oddly not pictured)
8. Repeat
9. View your marvelous work
10. Wrap a present with it

Full potato stamp documentation here.


carrie said...

that paper is lovely.

on another note, when i was looking at your craft pictures on flickr i saw 'matt and addy's wedding' and thought, "hey, i know matt and addy!". ah, austin. so tiny :)

Joolie said...

As I am pro-potato stamp, I strongly approve of your activities.

Spacebeer said...

Austin is tiny! We actually saw your friend Audrey at that wedding, which made me think you might also know the happy couple...

Mary P. from PrettyGoodThings.com said...

Now that is the kind of drinking activity I like!