Friday, June 15, 2007

Graphic Shit

I swear that a bird shit on my windshield the other day in the exact shape of the animated Paul McCartney in The Yellow Submarine. It was kind of like his head with a really long neck (where the shit dripped down) and no body.

But it rained on my car before I could take a picture.

Would I lie about something like this? Dr. M can back me up. It was uncanny.


Dr. Mystery said...

I can vouch for you, and I feel your pain. When I was 18, working at Hardee's, I was cleaning the grill. When I poured the cleaner all over the grill, it formed an uncanny side profile of Abraham Lincoln. Only one other guy saw it, saying, "Holy shit, Abraham Lincoln!," without any prodding from me. Unfortunately, the solution eventually dripped into a different shape and no one believed us.

Joolie said...

You're lucky. The birdshit on my car always either looks like a baseball bat or an exploding sun.