Monday, August 20, 2007

Documenting Our Pee Party

Dr. M's bathroom break series on Film Watching Robot is really one of his greatest ideas ever. What is more fun than stopping a movie to go to the bathroom (or grab another beer or such), and then taking a picture of the TV when the movie is paused? The only thing that could possibly be more fun would be spending $60 on this toilet bowel costume and then never taking it off. [There is actually a dazzling display of odd costumes on that site, my favorite probably being the fart meter.]

Check back often for further pee pauses!

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Lei-Leen said...

the best is there's an ad photo somewhere of a little kid in the toilet costume, which begged ALL sorts of questions last halloween. personally, i was totally into the slutty eight-year-old pirate/princess/gypsy/witch ad campaign. not that it would have made a difference for me. i was a ghost like five times.