Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I've got a couple nights to myself while Dr. M explores the great white north -- having a few days in the apartment alone is both really fun and kind of boring. What is fun about it is that I can indulge in all my bad habits, but the downside is that my bad habits aren't very interesting. And Dr. M wouldn't even say anything about them were he here. Actually he would most likely encourage them.

Bad habits I have explored so far:

1. Have another cocktail.
2. Look at a million celebrity blogs.
3. Play online games like DailyPuzzle, TextTwist, and Zuma until my eyes hurt.
4. Stay up too late reading.
5. Put off any errands that involve getting into my car.
6. Not writing out a grocery list. Yet.

See -- boring. Maybe I should try heroin? Lost weekend? Take up smoking? Secret identity? I somehow feel like I'm wasting my days of alone time. Maybe tomorrow's bookclub will get a little out of control....

[the image above comes from a image search for "bad habits," which honestly doesn't turn up as many funny pictures as I expected...]


Joolie said...

Should I bring heroin?

The last time Eric was out of town the worst thing I could think of to do was (gasp!) smoke in the house. So I did, and it was fun, especially since it was cold outside. Then the next morning I woke up and was really mad that my house smelled like shit. So I kind of know what you mean.

milk and cake said...

the only bad habit i've gotten to indulge in since being home is peeing with the bathroom door wide open (did that at the hotel three seconds after walking in!) and the other day i had thirty minutes at home alone and i walked naked from the bathroom to my room. other than that, i haven't done anything exciting either. maybe tonight i'll do the million cocktails thing; that will feel wild and exciting to me!

Spacebeer said...

Oh yes, I totally use the bathroom with the door open when I'm home by myself. Although that doesn't seem like so much of an indulgence now that I work alone in a basement with my own bathroom where I never shut the stall door....

And I think a million drinks is the order of the day tonight. Let's do it!

bumblesandlu said...

What about asparagus & high cholesterol foods? You know you want some delicious asparagus even if it means weird smelling pee.

Spacebeer said...

I forgot about asparagus! I also could have indulged in broccoli, green beans, or brussel sprouts. I did have hot dogs for dinner last night, though, and they were awesome.

steigrrr said...

wow, that's really weird. i posted this comment last night and hit publish and checked to make sure it worked, and now it's gone! but no one deleted it.

anyway, what i said was:

aren't you supposed to go to a titty bar when your husband is out of town?

you should totally go to a "gentleman's club" for your book club meeting, so you can all get lap dances while you are discussing moby dick or crime and punishment or whatever the latest selection happens to be.

(i almost typed "pubisment" instead of "punishment," there. i have no idea what "pubisment" is, but it seems like it might be something appropriate to strip clubs, anyway).