Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I saw one of these on the wall right by my head at work today. And then I squished it. I wouldn't want my head to end up looking like this would I? [Warning: that last link is actually pretty gross.]


steigrrr said...

wow, that's scary. are brown recluse spiders really as big as a quarter? i always thought they were really small.

at least it wasn't a bird, i guess. or maybe, at least it wasn't a bird that bites you and makes your flesh rot.

Spacebeer said...

The spider in this picture is way bigger than the one I saw -- the legs on mine would have gone to the edges of a quarter, and the body is real tiny. They sort of look like a brown daddy long-legs with a less-round body. And yes, I would way rather have a couple of these spiders than to have a bird stuck in the basement with me. No flesh eating birds allowed!

Anonymous said...

No, trust me space bear! These things are more dangerous than a black widow! Me and my bro were bit by one. We ended up staff disease! It bit my leg and I was in a wheel chair. I had a hole in my leg. My bro got really sick! We are betr but i would much rather have a bird peck then a bite from this!!!