Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am a culinary genius

My new invention:
  • Take one tortilla (I used flour, but I think whole wheat would be even better).
  • Slap one thin slice of prosciutto on that thang.*
  • Sprinkle the tasty meatstuffs with some thinly sliced leeks.**
  • Now add shredded mozzarella (any white cheese would taste good).
  • Heat in the microwave for 30-40 seconds so the cheese gets melty.
  • Evenly spread a good handful of arugula on top.
  • Roll it up like one of those "wraps" you hear about.
  • Now eat your tasty treat.
*I don't usually have prosciutto on hand (partly because I always mispronounce it which makes me uncomfortable ordering it at the deli [I also do such a horrible job of spelling it that spell check couldn't even interpret what I was trying to do -- luckily I am married to a spelling bee champion]), but I had it this week because I made these sandwiches on Friday night. They were as awesome as they sound.

** I also don't usually have pre-sliced leeks on hand, but I sliced too many for this amazing dip (here's my dip in action) and I'm so glad I saved them instead of throwing them away.


jlowe said...

Sounds yummy. We get the multigrain tortillas from Central Market in the Lowe-Nielsen household.
I made a wrap last week using a multigrain tortilla, 2 slices of "natural" turkey coldcuts, 1 slice of colby jack cheese, some deli mustard and spring mix. I call it the Cleaning out the Fridge wrap.
I also didn't know Dr. M is a spelling bee champ. City of Springfield, Ohio 1982 champ here!

Spacebeer said...

Wraps are one of the best food catch-alls ever invented. Thank God for Dr. Atkins.

conorj said...

i like wraps. be careful with the tortillas in the microwave though. They get chewy if overcooked........