Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I seem to be busy and boring this week, so until I think of something exciting to write about (or finish the book I'm reading), please enjoy this picture of a delightfully-arranged fruit salad I made a week or so ago and a smattering of bullet points:
  • Goodbye Dragon Inn is a wonderful movie, and Tsai Ming-Liang is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary directors.
  • Stuffed poblanos are awesome, but reheated stuffed poblanos are gross. Go figure.
  • Although Joolie and I may disagree on tampons, we totally agree on bras. Or bra-stores anyway. My ladies are extra happy since I paid a visit to Petticoat Fair. I'll talk your ear off about the awesomeness of my visit there if you let me.
  • I just realized yesterday that HEB's "Here Everything's Better" slogan totally utilizes the letters HEB. Until then I thought they were just saying that things were better here...

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