Monday, April 07, 2008

Shoes for a Black Magic Woman

Were you aware that Carlos Santana has a line of women's shoes? How very incongruous! According to the website, the shoes "reflect the same passion and energy that is generated by Carlos Santana's music." Since they donate a portion of their profits to his foundation for underprivileged children, I can't giggle about it too much. But I can giggle a little.


jlowe said...

I can just visualize every season, putting out the same old shoes and saying, "No, it's new, honest." And then finally they add something that was cool 3 years earlier and suudenly they're winning whatever the shoe awards are.
I fucking hate Santana soooo much.

Spacebeer said...

Aw how can you hate poor Carlos Santana -- I think he is so busy talking to butterflies and feeling the love that he probably doesn't even know what shoes are.

casual ninja said...

There is a Macy's commercial airing out this way featuring him having a jam session (?) with Mariah Carey. Who I believe has a perfume line or something. This series of commercials also feature other "stars" with personal brands... just off the top of my head: Usher, Donald Trump, Jessica Simpson, Martha Stewart, and I believe P. Diddy all hanging out at Macy's like they live there. Creepy.