Thursday, July 31, 2008

Doubly refreshing

I love to drink hot herbal tea, but in the summertime when one is being rigorous with the thermostat, it heats me up too much. So, I've been experimenting with icing some of my favorite tea flavors. Some kinds just don't have enough oomph to withstand the ice cubes, but one that is holding up nicely is one of my old standbys: peppermint. Just brew one cup of really strong peppermint tea (I let it seep for at least 15 minutes), then pour it over ice. Then add more ice because that first ice will melt pretty fast. Wait for it to get nice and cold and then sip away. Tasty! In fact, iced peppermint tea is currently my favorite non-alcoholic summertime drink.

And shit, I could probably put vodka in it if I wanted to...

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