Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hulking up

I never was a Hulkamaniac, and even when I was a kid and would watch wrestling, the Hulkster would kind of freak me out. The secret to why this coked-up, showboating greaseball became a role model (and marketing scheme) for kids is lost in the twisted mind of Vince McMahon. To top it all off, he is really a pretty boring wrestler. But the dude could talk:

This almost makes his excruciating 20 minute pose-down after he is disqualified and eliminated from the championship later in Wrestlemania IV worth it...

[And even if you don't like wrestling at all, just watch the video -- it's only two minutes long and takes the weirdest possible twist about one minute in. And the Hulk makes a great exit. It is worth it, I swear.]


Plop Blop said...

By the looks of the Hulkster's gleaming skin, I think it'd be pretty tough to hang onto him for dear life in the middle of the ocean.

Also, it seems like wrestling interviewees somehow access a direct pipeline to the unconscious mind. These muscled-up body-slammers blow Salvador Dali out of the water.

jlowe said...

He's actually capable of wrestling an okay match, he just never has to. I mean, he's no Ric Flair or Rey Misterio but he can tell a story in the ring. Check out his big title match with Goldberg from one of the old Nitros if you can track it down.
He actually started with the character in the AWA, and he was there when he was in Rocky III. Vince McMahon saw him as the person to use in his effort to take WWF national (as opposed to the old regional NWA approach). He's a scumbag, but he still has a pretty good grasp on the business side of the business.
Anyway, I've always hated Hulk Hogan. He was tolerable when he was in the NWO, partly because he was basically playing up the reality of who he was, which is why he's so hateful.
btw Wrestlemania IV is pretty awful and totally built around the Orange Goblin and his ego.

Jennifer LaSuprema said...

Holy shit, I had no idea stuff like this existed in the world. Mmmpmmh.