Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Great Outdoor Fight (2008)

You read Achewood, right? Well, then you know the wonder of the Great Outdoor Fight story arc (start here, read on, never stop). Did you know that those strips, along with some exciting supplementary material, is now available in a real life actually published hard cover? It is! The Great Outdoor Fight by Chris Onstad (2008) tells the story of Ray, who finds out he is the son of a past winner of the famous Great Outdoor Fight and decides to enter the Acres himself and test his strength against 3000 men. The strips look great in print form, and the supplementary material is fun, detailed, and does not disappoint. It is also a beautifully designed book. I even like the way the cover feels. I am extremely enthusiastic about this.

[Buy it here! It only costs $10.17! Do it!]

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Plop Blop said...

I pre-ordered that shit like 4 months ago, and kind of forgot about it. It arrived, pleasantly unexpected, at my door last week. I totally want a nutsack for my cell phone.