Thursday, April 12, 2007

Aw shit, we got Ikeaed

I have been known to make slightly snarky comments about Ikea in the past. It has been placed in the same category of my brain as those ubiquitous condos, south congress, modern-design houses, yuppie coffee shops, and the like. And there is some justification to that placement. But somewhere in the back of my head, I always kind of wanted to see what the big deal was. Plus no one can deny that the furniture and all is nicely priced. So I caved, and I made the trek to Ikea. And God help me, I liked it.

What really sealed the deal was that my parents were visiting, they drove down here in a van, and my dad is uncomplaining about assembling things. If your dad would drive you to Ikea, load all your purchases in his van, and then spend an hour and a half putting them together, I think you'd decide to go there too.

So, I got a Poang chair and ottoman (how the hell do you pronounce that anyway?). It is majorly comfy, although I think it could be the only Ikea chair that is made to fit a lengthy gal. Most of those chairs are weird things that only smaller people could fit in, and even then they wouldn't be all that comfy.

And I got two "Billy" bookcase thingies (at least I can pronounce that) in which to store the extensive movie collection of Dr. M.

In addition, I scored two antique Danish chairs from my aunt at Easter, and I bought this awesome green, be-skulled loteria plate from the HEB for $6! It was a very materialistic weekend, but I hadn't bought much of anything all year so I think its okay. Now I need to go on an acquisition fast for a few months and calm this buying urge down.


conorj said...

I hope we've learned a little something about snarkiness towards the unknown, miss on the agenda, figuring out a coffee shop that might suit you....hmmmmmm

Spacebeer said...

I don't know, sometimes I find my snarky attitude to be kind of charming and endearing!

And I don't mean to imply that I'm giving Ikea a free pass -- I still think they promote a hyper-consumerist culture of materialism and disposability to which I'm opposed (of course they aren't the only ones). And too much Ikea stuff in one room is just too much. But, in moderation, they are fine.

And I like the Lava Java by my house, but generally I prefer to drink my coffee either away from the coffee shop or at a diner. If I'm going out to talk with friends, I tend to prefer a bar.

carrie said...

i need a loteria plate! i haven't seen this at my heb though. is it from the 41st street one? (i promise to give you all the credit for finding it when using it at parties :) )

Lei-Leen said...

you might like then. reuse, repurpose, reuse.

Spacebeer said...

Yes, the loteria dishware was purchased at the Hancock Center HEB. Hurry while it still lasts!

And I like the Ikeahacker ideas, although I think I would need to find a crafty and/or handy person to help me implement any of them as I can hardly hammer a nail into a wall.

Joolie said...

IKEA all up in your face!

The stuff you got looks nice. I think you're right about the moderation, but decent furniture is so expensive otherwise that it's hard to avoid completely.