Monday, April 02, 2007


Don't you think that WWE World Champion, John Cena, looks an awful lot like...

A-list actor, Matt Damon?

[And I'd also like to note that it is really hard to find a picture of Matt Damon where he isn't either 19 or smiling a goofy smile that makes him look not as much like John Cena. It is also hard to find a picture of John Cena where he is smiling and/or fully clothed.]

[They are also both from the Boston area, but I don't think they are actually related.]

[Lastly -- did you know John Cena has recorded a hip hop CD? In addition, one of his nicknames is The Doctor of Thugonomics; one of his "signature taunts" (according to Wikipedia) is waving his hand in front of his face, horizontally, to symbolize that "You can't see me!"; his father is a wrestling announcer who goes by the nickname "Johnny Fabulous;" and since he starred in the movie The Marine, he has taken to wearing camouflage and saluting the audience, although from what I can tell he never was actually in the service. Wrestling!]

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