Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SB Wednesday: Modine Mania

Oh, Matthew Modine. You are such a nice actor (although often in rather crappy movies, and honestly I haven't seen you in anything since Abel Ferrara's The Blackout in 1997, which was really horrifically spectacularly bad in the way that only Ferrara can be.

Other people will insist that your master work, Cutthroat Island (1995) was also spectacularly bad, but I really liked it. Was it just the combination of your SB-self and Geena Davis who I like because she is tall (6 feet - still shorter than me) in a role-reversal adventure pirate flick? Perhaps. I still think those naysayers are missing the greatness of this film.

But you have tons of movies out that I haven't even seen. And in this one (Hotel New Hampshire), you even have a mustache! And it makes you even more cute. Pulling off a mustache is a true sign of SB power.

And finally, it appears you played Jesus in a movie with Juliette Binoche where she plays Mary? Huh. Still looking good there, messiah SB.

[Oooh, and now that I look at that Mary movie, I see that it too was directed by Abel Ferrara. I think I'll watch it sometime, after making sure that I'm ready for something either super great or stinkingly bad...]

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