Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SB Wednesday: Goofy Edition

I love tall, I love red hair, I love funny, so it goes without saying that Conan O'Brien is a secret boyfriend extraordinare. Of course, being that he is a comedian, it is rather hard to find any pictures of him online where he actually looks as sexy as he often looks on TV. Instead he mostly looks a little goofy. Cute, but goofy. Not sexy. Maybe its just that the sexiness evaporates in a still and only the funny is left behind?

Although pictures with guitars usually enhance the SBness of all my SBs, this one doesn't really capture that same flavor. I couldn't find a picture of Conan with a tattoo, but we can only imagine that it would end up being more humorous than sexifying.

That's alright, Conan, maybe your secret SB power is a subtle kind of SB fever that grows after multiple exposures. That and the red hair.

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