Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Adorable Beers

Did you know that if you order a $8.00 beer from room service at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta, after flying with such a bad cold that you have gone almost completely deaf from the pressure inside your ears, and you can't even hear well enough to go down to the bar and pay a more reasonable $5.00 for the stupid beer, but you really need a beer because you had a shitty day and you are stuck in rainy Atlanta for a math conference, they will bring you one of these:

And it will make everything better.

[Note: In case its hard to tell from the photo, the single beer is nestled in bath of ice in a silver ice bucket with a fancy glass for drinking. In addition, a cute little bottle opener is attached to the handle of the bucket. This one beer is fancier than a whole case of the regular stuff.]


Mary P. from PrettyGoodThings.com said...

are you in atl right now? Any sightings of Sir Elton John? Are you trying out for TLC's new reality show? They are having auditions in atlanta and EJ has a home there - or at least he did.

I'll be there on the 24th, any chance you are there that long?

kristykay said...

I'm actually just at boring old work in Austin right now -- I was in Atlanta back in January (I actually had to fly there just two days after we got back from Nebraska), and I just got around to getting the pictures uploaded off my camera. I was so sick and it was so rainy that every one of my pictures was taken inside my hotel room, so not the most exciting conference I've ever been to. In fact, this beer was one of the highlights of my trip...