Monday, February 21, 2005

The Journal Journey

I have a problem. I love to buy journals and notebooks, and yet every time I try to write in them in an organized fashion, I completely fail. I have a journal my grandmother gave me when I was 16 that is about halfway full. I have written in it a few times a year for the past 12 years, mostly just when something horrible or momentous has happened.

I think that would all change if I had one of these. Honest. I would turn over a whole new journal-writing leaf.

Another option would be one of these. Then I could be one of those people who always has a little notebook and when you tell her a book or movie or something that you really like, she just writes it down in her cute notebook instead of completely forgetting it five minutes later.

[look under the process tab to read about why these journals are so cool]

1 comment:

Joolie said...

Those are splendid. I think you should get one of each and use the holy living shit out of them.

Hooray for spacebeer!