Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar Night Ass-bows

My favorite Oscar moment:

Instead of having the original artists nominated for best song sing their songs (with the exception of the Counting Crows), three of the songs were sung by Beyonce (one in duet with Josh Groban and one with a group of little choir boys), and one was sung by Antonio Bandaras accompanied by Carlos Santana. Now, I have nothing but good feelings for these dudes, but Antonio was really over the top in his performance of this song from The Motorcycle Diaries and Santana was, well, he was just Santana. Can't get mad at that guy, he doesn't even know where he is. He probably thought Antonio was an angel or a butterfly or something.

So, while Antonio is hacking this song apart, they keep going to close ups on the guy who actually wrote and sang the song, and he looks like he is going to throw up. He is obviously pissed that Antonio is singing this song and not him. So, for his acceptance speech he just gets up there, sings a couple verses of his song accapella, and says thank you.


[I also really liked Chris Rock -- I say more Rock and less Crystal.]

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