Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Speaking of Beer...

I know that every one of us really wants to be an astronaut. I, in fact, was just inches from knocking on NASA's door when it struck me (not the door, this idea) -- would I still be able to drink my precious beer while performing my astronaut duties in space?

Apparently this is a two-part problem -- brewing, and serving. How does fermentation work in space? And, how do you keep the bubbles in beer without gravity? Well, these and other hurdles have been crossed, if we are to believe this article.

But what is so great about beer brewed in space? The squares that wrote this article hide it all the way at the bottom:

"For beer, of course, increased fermentation efficiency means a more alcoholic brew - not necessarily good news for crew members who need to remain sober in the dangerous environment of space. The alcohol content of space-brews would need to be adjusted accordingly and, of course, consumed in moderation."

This is a lame solution. What they should be doing is brewing a ton of beer up in space, and then selling it to us down here on earth! We could have entire satellite breweries that are harvested by special beer delivery rockets! Remember the glory days of "space food" -- that dehydrated ice cream and tang that the astronauts ate? This would be soooo much better than that.

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Mary P. from said...

If you still have a craving for space food, I know where you can get some. Thats right - Hobby Lobby of all places. Neapolitan freeze dried ice cream. Check out their hobby section (by the model cars and rockets and such. They also have sea monkeys available for purchase.