Monday, September 03, 2007


I have returned! Chicago was lovely, and I experienced maximum archival geekouts.

Sadly the body slices exhibit was not in place at the Museum of Science and Industry [they also charge extra to go inside the submarine (which was still cool from the outside) and for the traveling CSI exhibit. This = lame]. They did, however, have a truly great exhibit of robot toys.

I was on a tight budget, so I didn't experience much of the restaurant culture, but I did have fun eating granola bars and triscuits and making bourbon cocktails in my awesome hotel room. Overall, I just can't wait to go to Chicago again.

Full photo set here.


Rustle.Destroyer said...

For future reference, you Mysteries are welcome to stay at my place when visiting Chicago after I move there next March.

steigrrr said...

meet me in chicago in october for the new pornographers show! (of course, i have no idea if i can actually afford to go, since it would require money for a plane ticket and lodging. but i'm still hoping and trying to save a few dollars here and there ...)