Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things I Irrationally Hate, Part of a Neverending Series

What I hate: Those single-serve coffee makers and their dumb coffee pods.

Why I hate them: Wasteful! Expensive! Are you too rich and cool and trendy to just drink regular old coffee out of a regular coffee maker? I imagine that whole beans freshly ground in an inexpensive coffee grinder would taste more fresh than an individually packaged coffee pod any day. In addition, who only drinks one cup of coffee? I like my coffee by the 12-cup pot, please.

Why my hatred is (sort of) irrational: I've never actually seen one of these in person or tasted the coffee from it. Plus I have no idea how expensive the pods are and I'm too lazy to find that out.

Why I don't hate you if you like them: They do look kind of cool.


chewtastic said...

there's some sort of reusable thingummy out there for the pods. that aspect bothered me too, until i looked it up. then i got to be a smarty pants with my friend "other christie" who has one.

Joolie said...

That contraption looks like robot genitalia to me. Although I don't know why you'd rest a cup of freshly-brewed coffee on your electronic balls.