Monday, September 24, 2007

Things I Irrationally Love

What I love: The Roomba.

Why I love it: It is a robot! That vacuums for you!

Also -- this.

Why that is irrational: I don't know anyone who has one, I have never seen one in action, and it would probably die in five minutes from all my ridiculous hair.

Why I don't care: It is a robot! That vacuums for you!


Dan said...

I know someone who has one and he loves it.

Joolie said...

I actually thought about getting one, but it turns out the kind we have is likely too long and stringy for even the mightiest of Roombas. I still think they're cool.

Joolie said...

(The kind of carpet, I mean. OK!)

Rustle.Destroyer said...

We were thinking about registering for one, but we've decided to wait until our current vaccuum kicks it. Though, someday, I hope to have a motley assortment of robot trilobites doing all sorts of domestic chores in our abode.

I do know someone who has one, and their cat was frightened of it, but now, the cat regularly assaults it. The one common criticism of the Roomba that I have heard is that it cannot deep clean.