Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cart who?

I can't really get my mind around the concept of the Kartoo search engine well enough to really use it for any research, but it does provide a fun new spin on the never-tiring game of googling yourself and your loved ones.

Kartoo is a meta-searchengine that compiles the results of several other search engines when you make a query. It has pretty advanced querying options, as well as a natural language component. It then generates these nifty flash maps of your search, using differently colored and sized little document and folder icons to indicate site type and relevance, as well as little connecting lines to show relationships between the sites. There are several ways to move yourself around once you are in the map, and that is what I haven't quite mastered. Its a neat idea, and a nice change of pace from the linear list of most search engines. Plus I don't think Kartoo takes money from advertisers to list their sites up at the top. Also nice.

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