Tuesday, March 08, 2005


If you know me, you know that I am really not very crafty at all. I'm lucky if I can lick an envelope without papercutting my tongue or walk across the room without slipping on something. [Okay, I'll admit I did have a brief period of craftyness when Josh was working nights during a special session last summer. I embroidered two t-shirts and a kitchen towel, and also did some watercolors. It was very out of character.] Anyway, my point is that while I am not very crafty, I love to see the handwork of those who are. One intriguing venue for such handywork is A Month of Softies. On this site, the moderator gives out a topic, all the craft-dudes work away at it, and then post their creations at the end of the month for all to see. The most recent theme was Alice in Wonderland, which might be my favorite so far. Many are kind of cheesy or sappy, but there are plenty of creepy-awesome (in the way that a creepy stuffed animal is awesome), strange, and unique creations on there too.

[Also, I had a link to this site that was like a creepy stuffed animal of the month thing -- you could buy a one, three, or six month subscription and each month you'd get something like a rabbit with five arms and two heads, or a chicken with a real skull, or something equally weird. Plus, the dolls would be all wrapped up in fur or leather bundles, and would also include little messages written from the animal to you. And it was a lot cooler than I'm making it sound. That's what I really wanted to write about today and I can't find the damn link anywhere. Anyone know what this site is?]


carrie said...

is it this site?
jenn's (very hardworking, not reading blogs at work) friend Carrie

kristykay said...

That is totally the site! Now if I only had an infinite amount of money to spend on creepy, one-of-a-kind animals....