Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Catch a whif of my boyish aroma

Check it, dudes, I totally bought a new car the other weekend.

I'm in love with my car. Although I prefer it if other people drive me around in it, as I am still not in love with driving.

(And the title of this post comes from Josh's misinterpretation of the lyrics from Queen's song "I'm in Love with my Car". For bonus points, guess which line was reinterpreted).


Anonymous said...

"Get a grip on my boy racer rollbar"?

Anonymous said...

also my guess. dude, your new car is HOT.


kristykay said...

Anonymous gets one special bonus point for pinpointing the correct line. I'll send that point right over to you at 123 Fake Street, Anon-y.

And A. getse five special bonus points for recognizing the hotness of my new car.

Further special bonus points may be distributed at a later date.

Thank you.

Joolie said...

I just spilled cottage cheese on my shirt. Can I have some bonus points too?

kristykay said...

The standard bonus point equation lists 2 points for spilled cottage cheese, but I'm going to give Joolie 3 points because I dished out a big bowl of CC yesterday and then it tasted funny and I couldn't finish it. Josh says it tasted funny because I was drinking grapefruit juice at the same time. What a know it all. No bonus points for him.

Joolie said...

Damn it, I just spilled cottage cheese on my shirt AGAIN. It fell right out of my mouth this time.

I swear I'm not point-grubbing. I just felt I needed to rush right over to Spacebeer and humiliate myself by telling you that.

Also, I forgot to say the car is really nice.

kristykay said...

I'll send out half a special bonus point for the second cottage cheese spill. Also, I haven't eaten any more of the weird tasting cottage cheese in my fridge, even though it probably doesn't actually taste weird. Maybe I'll get the courage to try some this afternoon. Maybe.