Monday, February 26, 2007

Hooray for Hollywood

I love the Oscars. Love them. I don’t care if I have never heard of any of the movies being discussed, don’t know who the actors or presenters are, or how long the damn ceremony takes. I love them.

Here are some reasons why: I put my pajamas on right before they start; we make sure there is lots of beer and also back-up liquor in the house; Josh doesn’t mind if I make snarky and/or gushing comments (usually he frowns on extensive talking at the TV); I get great pleasure out of saying “ooh, I like her” or “I really don’t care for her” about celebrities that I have never actually met; and I always comment on their dresses even though, in ordinary life, I don’t know much about fashion. To top it all off, last night Josh made a chip, salsa, bean dip, and queso super-smorgasbord to sustain us through the ceremony. This was an inspired idea.

Now, an Oscar list, in no particular order:
  • SBs were falling from the rafters! I counted Robert Downey, Jr., George Clooney, Gael Garcia Bernal, Clive Owen, and that is just off the top of my head. SBs were everywhere. In addition, Ellen could totally be my lesbian SG.
  • I really liked the introductory piece that Errol Morris did.
  • Forrest Whittaker’s speech got me all riled up. I was feeling a little emotional last night.
  • In addition, there was this commercial about a robot at a car factory that got fired and had to try to find another job. Have you seen this? It made me cry, even though it ended up that it was just a robot-dream and he did not actually get fired from the factory.
  • I don’t care for Ben Affleck. Why does he get to do stuff?
  • Although I thought Jack Nicholson was not that great in the Departed, I do love him in his recurring role sitting in the front row at the Oscars with sunglasses on. I also liked that he was apparently too drunk to read the nominees when he presented with Diane Keaton (who I love, even though she has almost exclusively made crappy movies for the past 20 years), and made her read the whole card while he stood to the side and just grinned.
  • Alan Arkin! He is one of my favorites ever and, even though I haven’t seen Little Miss Sunshine, I’m glad he won. Plus he seemed kind of overcome by it all, which was adorable.
  • Isn’t Al Gore nice?
  • I don’t care for Celine Dion. Why does she get to do stuff?
  • Will Ferrell, Jack Black, John C. Reilly are pretty funny. And I never turn down a comedic musical number.

Of course, part of me wishes we could go back to the Academy Awards of my youth. Unless you are me, you will probably get tired of this a few minutes into it, but try to stick it out until minute 6 or 7 when the tables start dancing. What else are you doing with your day?


milk and cake said...

i actually went out of my way to go to a friend's house to watch the oscars last night. i thought the same thing about forrest and jack; and everytime they panned to helen mirren i kept saying, "man, she is extra hot." it was a good night!

Early said...

Okay, i just wanted to say two quick things:

1) i don't know which version of that commercial you saw, but i saw an extended one in which the robot actually kills itself at the end. i was kinda funny and disturbingly sad at the same time.

2) much like your fiery furnaces, i hate diane keaton with a burning passion. i can at least stand her in the movies she made around the year of my birth, but from then on i have dreamt of nothing but punching her in her stupid, diane-keaton-lookin face. DAMN HER!

Dr. Mystery said...

I don't understand your Fiery Furnaces hate, Early. They are pretty much the only new band from the past five years that I don't hate with a burning passion. I hate Devendra, I hate Sufjan, I hate all the others. I love the Fiery Furnaces.

kristykay said...

Earl, don't tell me about the robot killing himself! I'm still sensitive today, and its getting me all weepy just thinking about it. Poor little robot...