Wednesday, February 28, 2007

SB Vibrations

Watching the Oscars on Sunday reminded me of a long-standing SB that has yet to be mentioned: Mr. Mark Wahlberg (oh so gracious in defeat).

He was certainly one of the top three best things about the enjoyable but not fantastic The Departed. And man, sometimes SBs playing cops can be mighty fine...

In addition, he has the requisite SB tattoo and is photographed often sexily smoking cigarettes. (Actually he is photographed so often smoking cigarettes that I could have constructed this entire post out of cigarette pictures.)

Never you mind that his tattoo is his own name and initials. I'm guessing its a relic of the Marky Mark years.

Not that there was anything less SB about him back then -- feeling some Good Vibrations, anyone? Actually Mark Wahlberg's transformation from NKOTB brother, one-hit wonder, and underwear model into respected actor is really something....

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