Wednesday, February 14, 2007

SB Wednesday: Val Edition

Oh hi there, Benicio del Toro -- will you be my Secret Valentine?

How thoughtful of you to get dressed up for our special holiday together. I really like your shirt.

Oh no, I don't mind if you smoke.

All in red! Why how thematically appropriate!

Happy V-Day to all you dudes, both secret and real.


steiger said...

hey, i was just wondering if benicio would be an SB! here's why: when i was working on the stella adler project last year, several names were batted around as guests to be invited to speak. among them were mark ruffalo and benicio del toro, both of whom studied with mme. adler.

i felt horribly shallow, because i was voting for benicio first, ruffalo second and peter bogdanavich (who knew stella adler quite well and was of course the person who ended up coming) last. i liked the q&a with bogdanovich and the screening of the last picture show a lot, but really i wished i had gotten to shake benicio del toro's hand and gaze longingly into his eyes. and maybe smoke a cigarette with him or something.

kristykay said...

I would start smoking in an instant if I could smoke all my cigarettes with Benicio...

And while Bogdanavich is a fine guy, he certainly doesn't have the SB status of Ruffalo or del Toro.