Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bringing it to the table

Something is going on in this ad for Cuisinart (click to make it a little bigger). Let's go clockwise:

Girl A and Guy B are both looking at Girl H. She looks really uncomfortable.

Woman C ("Mom"?) is looking at A and B, and she also has a pink sweater tied around her shoulders.

Boy D and Old Man E are looking at each other intently, but Old Man should probably be looking at the roast he is in the process of carving. Boy D also has very strange hair.

Girl F is looking at Man G, but he refuses to look at her.

Again, Girl H is uncomfortable. Probably because of the staredown.

How this is supposed to sell food processors is unclear....


steiger said...

Also: there is an empty chair at the head of the table. I thought it might be for little weird-hair who is in eyelock with grandpa at the other end of the table, but then i noticed that there is also a large glass of wine at the empty place setting. A chair for you, dear Cuisinart purchaser! Welcome to our fucked up home! Come in from the snowy outdoors and have some of the 'extra' mom brings to the table, whatever that is.

Also, what is on the front of the pink sweater the blonde girl is wearing? Is that a bow? A flower? What is she hiding under there?

Finally, it looks like their meal is made up of nothing but meat and various desserts.

Spacebeer said...

I also see macaroni and cheese on the table, but Josh brought up the point that most of the dishes don't seem to require a food processor.

joel said...

well, i think it's pretty clear that the empty chair is for the prophet elijah, what with passover being right around the corner and all...

Angela said...

I think the empty chair is for Mom, who is no longer with us, and that the person you called "Mom" is actually the new stepmom whom everyone hates.