Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Secret Boyfriend Wednesday: Spell it Out

Even though I always get his name mixed up with Robbie Coltrane, Rory Cochrane is the real SB of the pair. I just have trouble with names that start with the same letters -- I also get Clark Gable, Cary Grant, and Gary Cooper mixed up for the same reason (the names, not the actors).

Although CSI Miami is not my favorite arm of the CSI franchise, Rory Cochrane makes it quite watchable. [I also have a soft spot for David Caruso, even though his Horatio is completely goofy -- it has to do with the red hair].

He is equally cute animated in A Scanner Darkly [and nicely acting alongside another SB. You know who it is.]

Don't shoot, Rory! You're my SB of the week!

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Nikki said...

i recently watched the one where he gets shot.