Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SB Wednesday: In Theaters Now!

Oh, Jake Gyllenhaal -- even though I have to look up your name every time I type it, and even then I still usually spell it wrong, you are still the SB of this Wednesday.

A big reason why I want to see Zodiac involves the SB-trifecta of Jake G., Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey, Jr. Look at Mark be all confrontational.

And look at Robert's cuteness hidden under the kind of unfortunate facial hair. You can't hide that cuteness completely!

Jake G. made for a pretty cute cowboy, even with the gay element (and possibly even cuter because of it...)

In this picture, the hair gets a thumbs down (to be honest, Jake G. has dumb hair about 53% of the time), but the rest is all thumbs up.


Nikki said...

i saw this. ruffalo's wardrobe was amazing. he is one of my not-so SBs. robert downey, jr. was good in this. i don't really understand the jake g. (can't spell) thing, though.

Anonymous said...


as you know yours is the only blog i read--so I don't even know fer sure how to comment.

I'm crazy about many of your sb's--ruffalo I discovered in You can count on me. my real sb is Matthew Broderick, esp in that and in election. what a wonderful fool.

Jake's abs are pretty but I think him rather odd-looking. He's all yours. I thought Heath Ledger the better part of the team in "Lonesome cowboys."

Downey is brilliant in every way.

I was making banana muffins every day while you wrote of them, unbeknownst. Is that because people will not stop giving me rotten bananas?

Must return to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. I am appreciating the philosophical jokes better then when I was younger. I think I really am an existentialist now.

enjoy your company, don't forget me for happy hour.


Spacebeer said...

Oooh, Matthew Broderick is an SB of mine as well! He will have to fit into a future post. Let's get lunch together again soon. Or maybe a happy hour... Some kind of meet-up must be scheduled!