Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Big Easy (or why do I only take boring pictures?)

So I am back after nearly a week in New Orleans. The conference was really good, although tiring. I saw lots of friends, got to hang out with Professor Romance himself, ate a ton of good food, and drank about a million drinks.

What didn't I do in New Orleans? Apparantly, take pictures. I have this problem where I really like to have pictures of stuff, but I don't like to be bogged down by carrying my camera with me or actually taking it out and pressing the go button. So, all my pictures from New Orleans were taken in my hotel room, or when I had a few minutes between conference sessions and was hanging out by the river by myself. Hence the large ratio of self portraits in this and other Flickr collections. Hope you like to look at pictures of me (and the Mississipi River).

And now, a brief list of things I remember about New Orleans:
-- Two for one Mint Julips. I could have had twenty, and yet I only had three.
-- A hotel bar that looked like a carosel and where the barstools slowly rotated around the middle of the bar.
-- Turtle soup. And honeydew iced tea. Oh my god, it was awesome.
-- Rain, but just for brief periods.
-- Hand grenades.
-- Jellyfish at the aquarium -- they had a dozen different kinds and each one was just fascinating. I loved those guys. They also had some crazy sea horses that looked like plants (what were those guys called, tjd?).
-- A delicious muffeleta at the Napolean House, along with a refreshing Pimms Cup.
-- The Famous Ferdi sandwhich at Mother's. The half just about kicked my ass, I would have died if I had ordered a whole. I think there were five kinds of meat on it, and a ton of dressing.
-- Oh and some archivy conference stuff as well.


In other, sad news, I got a call on Friday night that my wonderful grandfather passed away at the age of 97 -- I cut my New Orleans trip short by one day, so I could have a day or two at home before driving up to Nebraska on Tuesday to help out my dad and attend the funeral. It means another week of holding your breath for spacebeer posts, but I'll be back with a vengence next week, promise.


Joolie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. We should hang out when you guys get back.

archivaria said...

kks, they are dragon fish...look here:

it was awesome seeing you in nola. we should go more often, and take turns lugging around the camera (i took, like, seven pictures)

what did you say? said...

I'm so sorry :-(

casual ninja said...

i'm the same way. i always love to have the photos and i usually drag my camera around with me without using it. i hate to pull it out when things are worth taking photos of. it means you sort of have to take yourself out of the moment, which defeats the purpose. by memorializing it, you are less a part of it, but probably have a better chance of remembering it with your memento. what a catch. i wish i could have a camera behind my eye and i could record things or take photos whenever i needed to without having to lose a step.

also, i am sorry to hear about your grandpa.