Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mind-blowing lines

This guy does not know what a chump he is. Both yesterday and today I saw guys painting lines for parking spaces using these awesome little car things that look like a mix between a riding lawnmower and a go-cart. They drive around really fast, occasionally slowing down to extend a little paint jet and paint a perfect parking space line. Wow. They seemed so unnecessary. It was like the guy whose job it was to paint lines with the thing above decided to design his own line painter and then make it go really fast and have paint jets on it. That's the human mind at work, folks.


carrie said...

i want a poster sized version of this picture to hang up in my office. for some reason looking at it just makes me happy :)

Joolie said...

Let's don't tell him what a chump he is. He looks so content.