Saturday, August 06, 2005


Yesterday I finished reading Roger Ebert's The Great Movies II, a book I've been reading a bit of here and a bit of there since Josh got it back in February. Previously I read his The Great Movies, so I naturally had to read the second one as well. AND not only have I read both of the books, I've also seen every movie in them. I've actually seen every one of Ebert's great movies, many of which are not in the two books because he writes about a new one every other week. I don't always agree with everything Ebert says, but out of all of these movies, I haven't really liked only a handful. Most of them truly are great, and besides including many of the usual suspects, Ebert takes some changes and brings up some movies that aren't really part of the traditional "Great" canon.

The set up of the books is really nice -- an alphabetical arrangement of 100 films, each given a three or four page review and accompanied by a beautiful screen still. The stills might be my favorite part of the book, they are well-selected and lovely to look at.

So, if you are wondering what you should rent next, perchance check out this list.

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