Thursday, August 04, 2005


It is extremely dangerous to leave me alone in a room with a bizarre collection of correspondence from a crazy Romanian mathematician/artist and a scanner. I spent at least half of today grabbing people and waving my latest weird stamp or crazy note in their faces. I present you now with two of my favorites:

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First, a completely awesome stamp from India heralding the joy of solar energy. I basically like everything about this stamp, but I especially love the colors and the sun.

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And here we have a printed Romanian envelope commemorating the "World Chess Championship juniors of 20, girls and boys." If anything should be celebrated in envelope form, it is the juniors of 20, and nothing says we care better than a strange half-lava-lamp/half-chess board planet afloat in a galaxy spewing chess pieces.


what did you say? said...

The duality of the first stamp has me fascinated. It's so night and day! Plus the sun is purty.

molly said...

I like to collect stamps for the pictures, too. I put them in collages. I like both the ones you scanned.