Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Plain and great

It had been maybe four years since I've been up in Nebraska in the summertime, and the last time I was up there in summery weather, I flew instead of driving. It is so nice there in the summer. Much cooler than Texas (at least this past week). Beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Fields of growing things. And this giant sky that I really miss sometimes. I saw three fields full of blooming sunflowers in Kansas on the drive up that just took my breath away. Plus lots of corn and soybeans and sorghum and such.

To further prove my lack of photo taking smartness, there really aren't any pictures of all those cool fields, although I did get some pretty shots (like the one above) from the window of the car in one of my many drives between Lincoln and Nebraska City with my dad while I was up north. I also got about five million pictures of my sister's new dog, Bartleby, that I just couldn't bear to delete, a couple shots of a hula hoop contest that took place in my parents living room, and a few car shots in Oklahoma (I really like those rock things you drive through on I-35 just north of the Texas border). Check out the evidence here.

Much of my trip was spent in my grandfather's apartment with my dad and my aunts helping to sort things to go to different relatives, to save and decide on later, or to sell at a big garage sale they are going to have next month. I came away with a small box of goodies -- its a strange deal to go through a whole apartment and say what you want and what you don't want. I'm pleased with what I took -- most of the things have a nice sentimental connection, and some of the things are just useful. Much of the sorting process made me want to go home and get rid of at least half my stuff. I always feel that way about my files after processing a particularly gritty collection at work too. Why do I have all this stuff? What if I died tomorrow and people had to sort through it? Perhaps this epiphany will help me to finally clean out my closet....

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Joolie said...

I like those rock things too, mainly because I tend to think of Oklahoma as a giantic flat shithole, and they're so unexpectedly rugged and pretty.

I think they're part of the Arbuckle Mountains. We went to camp there for our fifth-grade trip, and we learned a bunch of geological facts about them. That was the first time I really thought about the age of the Earth and was all like, whoa. So I like them for that, too.