Saturday, October 15, 2005

Eat it, Sucker: Its the Saturday Morning Restaurant Review!

Have any of you ever been to the restaurant that used to be the Piccolo Cafe and is now Tony's Italian Vineyard over on 29th street just down from Vulcan and across from Texas French Bread? Because seriously, whenever I go in there (except one time for dinner) there are only one or two other occupied tables. And with their new expanded hours of 11 am to midnight every single day, there really isn't any reason for you not to check them out.

The menu seems to be about the same, and the food is always very delicious. The servers are adorabley serious, because this is a pretty nice restaurant, but its not that expensive (there are expensive things on the menu, but it ranges from maybe $6-$15 for most entrees -- and there is plenty of good stuff under $10), and its in the middle of a student neighborhood, so they don't seem to get a really high end clientele. They are also just the right amount of attentive, without going overboard, as some "nice" restaurants do.

And speaking of sandwiches (which I do a lot), Josh got one of their panini sandwiches the last time we were there and it was soooooooo good. It also comes with a big serving of homemade thick potato chips. All that for only six bucks. So if you work by campus and want a new lunch spot, or if you need a fancy/casual place for your next date, check out this tasty spot.

[Also, I don't know anything about wine at all, but they certainly have a lot of it. I've had the house wine a few times, and it certainly satisfied me. Plus its fun to order half a carafe of wine. Just try it. Even if you are at McDonald's or something. Ask for half a carafe of orange drink. It will be fun!]

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