Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Hot Toddy Love Affair

I am still sick. Bleh. The only good thing about being sick is that I make myself lots and lots of hot toddy's. I make mine with bourbon, because that is what I usually have, but you can make them with any whiskey, or even brandy if that is what you are into. Some people brew some tea and put that in there instead of plain hot water, but since half of the point of the hot toddy is to make me sleepy, I try to make mine as caffiene free as possible.

Just look at me before I had my delicious toddy: I am tired, listless, I can't breathe and nothing will make me happy. I tried to take a nice picture of myself post-toddy, but to be honest, I still pretty much looked like crap, although the toddy did give me enough energy to get out of my robe and put some clothes on. The good feelings induced by the toddy can not be conveyed to you in picture form, so you will have to take my word for it. The lemon, the honey, the hot water, and by god the bourbon all made me feel so much better. The only problem with hot toddy's is I want to drink about ten of them, which causes its own host of ill feelings the next day. And getting trashed really isn't that great for curing the common cold either. Sure is fun though.



carrie said...

mmm, jenn made me a hot toddy last night even though i wasn't sick. though i did need some cheering up after cleaning up dog puke :( ick.
i hope you feel better soon! you should recover by tomorrow and come carve pumpkins!

casual ninja said...

i thought you and dr. mystery had seperate bungelows and limited your contact to concise letters. how is it that you still are making one another ill? perhaps you should find new houseboys to send your correpondance by. i think the ones you have now are broken.

also, i think i will try this hot toddy idea. i have never had one, but the thought tantalizes me. hot booze. it has been raining for over three weeks straight and i am always looking for one more reason to stay under blankets. it looks like drunk is getting a winter makeover!