Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday Morning Lists, 1997

For the past nine years (minus one year where for some reason I didn't keep a list), I've written down all the books I read during the year. Now, I believe, is the time to revisit these lists and see what the hell I've been doing with my time since 1997.

For your viewing pleasure (click to make bigger, of course), page 1:

And, page 2:

What conclusions can we draw from the list of 1997:
1. I was in college, and I was an English major, and more than half of these books were read for class.

2. I was really into Louise Erdrich, none of those were for class and I read four of her books and one book by her (now ex) husband.

3. I love Jane Eyre, I should read that again.

4. I was working at Barnes and Noble, and several of these books were picked up from the free stack in the break room (in particular, The Mutant Message Down Under which I barely remember and She's Come Undone which I think was a Oprah book).

5. Hey, I did read Jacob's Room by Virginia Woolf. I was just looking at that and wondering if I'd read it or if I just thought I'd read it.

6. I had a fascination for the Spanish exploration of the New World which can be seen in my reading of Broken Spears, The Crown of Columbus, The Conquest of America, The Conquest of New Spain, Castaways, and the unfortunately titled When Jesus Came, the Cornmothers Went Away, most of which were not for a class.

7. I have no memory of The Water from the Well by Myra McLarey, but I must have read it since I wrote it down. I will need to look around and see what the hell this book is about. I don't think I read it for a class, and I know I don't have it now...

8. Its a good thing I keep lists because my memory stinks.

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carrie said...

i keep meaning to do this. you may have inspired me :)