Monday, October 24, 2005

Sometimes TV blows my mind

Yesterday I was feeling all sick and like doing nothing but watching TV (actually, I feel like that today too...). As I languidly flipped through the stupid Sunday afternoon shows on the 7 channels that come in on the TV in our bedroom, I ran across Twins on the WB. Have you heard of this show? It has three qualities that combine to totally make my mind explode:

1. Melanie Griffith (on TV? on the WB? Zuh?)
2. Sara Gilbert (Darlene! I love her, I think she should do more movie stuff. She should not be on this show as it is pretty dumb).
3. Mark Linn-Baker (Larry! from Perfect Strangers! He is also in Noises Off, which I love. He actually should be on this show. He has great timing, and a way of saying stupid lines so that they come out not as stupid as you would expect.)

This show should be seen to be believed. From what I can tell, the plot has Sara Gilbert and this blond girl as twin sisters -- blondie is the "pretty one" and Gilbert is the "smart one." Griffith and Linn-Baker are their parents, Griffith is an ex-model and I think the dad owns the design company where they all work and where most of the show is staged. The twins are apparently working there too, the blond one as a model and Gilbert as a designer or business woman of some kind. Not that exciting of a plot, but somehow the strangeness of the cast makes it enthralling.

While watching the WB I also saw part of a show with Jennie Garth on it and another show starting Reba McEntire. What will those WB dudes think of next...

Obviously I need to watch some more TV.

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